bonne suits interprets converse for patta

July 14, 2017

words by: Bere Wangge

As a part of an ongoing project with Converse, Amsterdam’s beloved, multi-brand footwear shop Patta is setting out on a mission to bring some of the most creative minds in contemporary fashion together. Made to celebrate Converse’s One Star, the project saw Patta commission artists and brands for their own take of the iconic shoe design.

After placing a spotlight on tattoo artist collective Order back in April, Patta unveiled its next collaborator: the accessible, genderless suit brand Bonne Suits. The proprietor of what have been dubbed “Poor Man's Suits,” Bonne Suits has a long history with Patta: the brand’s founder, Bonne Reijn, was working for Patta when the idea of creating the suits first came to him.

For this project, Bonne Suits put male and female models in front of the camera, dressing them in items from the brand’s latest collection. Mostly shot in the streets, the series further highlights the accessibility of the suits, especially as they’re paired here with Converse’s classic One Star models.

Suits for everyone. 

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Images c/o Patta.

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