the force of visual fx by vulture syndicate

September 05, 2018

interview by: Priscilla Kemur

words by: Priscilla Kemur

A great nightlife atmosphere consists of good music, a hyped crowd and stunning visual FX. We are the people of the information age; visual does matter. You probably have seen a lot of dramatic, epilepsy-inducing visuals, but have you ever wondered what would the parties be like without them? And what if one day we might have to rely on visual FX artists to entertain us in the upcoming future? 

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 1.21.25 PM.png
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Hailing from Indonesia, Vulture Syndicate is ready to light up one stage after another as they flaunt their awe-inspiring talent in motion graphics, video editing and live performance necessities. Flickering lights will instantly complete the mood in every room whenever the syndicate is involved.

"People nowadays, especially big event organizers, are starting to realize that we have a big role in parties, as big as their headliners," co-founder AdiBlak says. "Especially when we live in a world where everything is tech-involved, they are trying to understand the virtual world that we are able to create." 

Formed in 2016, Vulture Syndicate is AdiBlak and Ichsan Hardy, the design-thinkers, as well as Ibam Hadi, the technical director person of the team. AdiBlak, a VJ by night and a part-time lecturer at SAE Institute Jakarta by day, admits that the team loves challenges. Crazy requests mean exciting project for them. After earning recognition in Southeast Asia by decorating the corporate and music scenes in Malaysia and Cambodia, the syndicate has ventured to UK for DJ Yousef and Circus Label visual set as well as French's Reunion Island for Indian Ocean Music Market with rapper Yacko.

"We'd love to develop more technologies: Augmented reality, virtual reality as well as holographic," Blak explains when asked about their vision. "We have all of the equipment that we need already, so technically we are up to create some more excitement."

Despite living in a country located so far from tech-development factories, Blak is optimistic about the future of the syndicate. And rightfully so! Judging from the success of virtual DJ Tara Biermann, which they created for last year's Heineken Green Room in Jakarta, the trio have proven that they are capable of so much more. On a side note, Biermann is Vulture Syndicate's first virtual DJ, so don't expect to see her on tour anytime soon!

Tara Biermann in Action

Tara Biermann in Action

After looking at Tara Biermann, I am curious with the possibility of humans being dependent on virtual reality, just like what happens in Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One. "It's very possible," Blak says, laughing. Even so, don't expect it to happen anytime soon! "Using the VR goggles for more than 15 minutes causes nausea. Very risky for your health, trust me! I've tried using it for three hours and ended up puking all over the place."



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