variations in sound - part 2: random brothers by blood

May 08, 2018

They stepped into the music scene with different approaches, but analog synths have brought them together. Variations in Sound continues with our talk with Random Brothers By Blood. 

In this original series, Globetrotter discovers the rising musical prodigies of Southeast Asia who are more than ready to give you the Variations in Sound! For Part 2, we talk to the modular synthesizer-playing Random Brothers by Blood from Jakarta, Indonesia.

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Globetrotter Magazine presents Variations in Sound series where we discover music prodigies from Southeast Asia - Part 2 featuring Random Brothers by Blood from Indonesia who uses modular synth to create their music - thumb.png


Apparently what they say about an apple falling not far from its tree is true. Born and bred in the capital city of Indonesia, brothers Randy Danistha and Nara Anindyaguna are not your ordinary musical duo. Raised by a musician father, they started playing piano from an early age.

Nara and Randy stepped into the music industry with different approaches. The eldest, Randy, started his career by becoming a keyboardist to Nidji, an Indonesian pop band that rose to popularity in the 2000s. 

Not wanting to live under his brother's shadow, Nara followed in his brother's footsteps by creating a project called Mjolnir, a dark disco-tech duo, with his longtime friend Catra Darusman.

Nara knew all along that his biggest interest is to be the man behind the curtain; his passion in producing then led him to create an audio post-production service called STEVESMITH together with his big brother.

As if they're not satisfied enough with their audio post-production project, whose clients include some of the biggest corporations in the Indonesian movie and commercial industries, the two musician brothers are taking a new step in their musical journey. Using modular synths, they embark on a new project called Random Brothers by Blood


Globetrotter Magazine: When and why did both of you decide to start a project together called Random Brothers By Blood? 
Actually, we started just in 2017, we are very competitive, especially when it comes to our own album/project. Myself, for example, had Mjolnir and Randy had Kronutz. We made a bet [to finish a song first], and the winner would get a free ticket to Australia. But neither of us finished, although we worked for years already. We eventually sat down together while listening to one of our tracks and we ended up finishing it together. When it took only a day to finish the whole thing, we realized that we should be doing something together instead.

Globetrotter Magazine: Modular synth is not something new but not a lot of people can operate it. Why did you choose modulars instead of other musical instruments? 
Yes right, modular is an analog synth discovered from a long time ago, but it wasn't that accessible during the time. Now there are a lot of module manufacturers. Why did we choose modulars? Because it’s challenging for us who have been making electronic music for quite a while now. It should be noted that modular is quite essential for electronic music players. That’s where you learn all of the basic things regarding electronic music, starting from the sound, the function of each module and how to orchestrate the sound into a harmony.

Globetrotter Magazine: Would you say that only certain people enjoy your music? 
It depends on how people think about our music itself, and how we bring the modular synth into the music. Likewise, not everyone is into jazz, classical music, pop, etc. 

KRP KAI - 913, named after Randy's first son

KRP KAI - 913, named after Randy's first son

Globetrotter Magazine: Other than producing music with modular synths, Randy also makes modulars for children. Does it mean that you also want Indonesians to gain more interest in modulars? 
By creating modular synths for kids we want to educate them about how electricity can create sounds, so they can experience it themselves. And we hope it can trigger them to be more creative and imagine differently so they could bring [modulars] into a new spectrum.



To know more about the brothers check out their InstagramFacebook and Soundcloud.