this japanese artist imitates the sound of leaves to create her music

March 22, 2018

words by: Bere Wangge

There are beatboxers and a cappella groups, and then there's Hatis Noit.  

In Japan, hatis noit means the stem of the lotus flower. The lotus stands for the living world, and its root symbolizes the spirit realm; hence, hatis noit is the connecter between the two. Hoping to connect people to the other side—whether it's the past, a memory or our subconscious—with her vocals, Japan-originated and London-based Hatis Noit has chosen it as her moniker. 

Dubbed a vocal performer, Hatis Noit reproduces sounds using only her vocal chords and mouth, not unlike a beatboxer or a cappella group. The sounds she's imitating is those you would hear in nature.  

Hatis Noit

Hatis Noit

“The human voice is our oldest, most primal yet most powerful instrument. I use it to describe nature’s many sounds, a language that isn’t logical," she explains in an official statement. "Yet it forms a beautiful conversation that isn’t restricted to words like the human language is. I want my music to remind us of that.” 

Her EP, Illogical Dance, comprise four tracks that embody this. Every sound in each track is improvised and made by Hatis Noit. Even the sound of crushing leaves comes out of her own vocal chords! Layers and layers of vocals are then pieced together to create something resembling an orchestra.  

The EP's title track, Illogical Lullaby, features Matmos, the experimental electronic music group and Björk's go-to collaborator. It is said that the duo was so impressed with her, that they voluntarily edited the song. The remix is already included in the EP, which has been released on March 23.  

To get a taste of Hatis Noit's truly original sound, watch the Illogical Lullaby's music video below. 

Images c/o Hatis Noit.
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