'this is america' choreographer raises hiv awareness through dance film

November 30, 2018

words by: Bere Wangge

If you think you’ve heard of Sherrie Silver’s name before but can’t quite place her, let us refresh your memory. Remember Childish Gambino’s This is America, whose music video went viral in May this year and has been praised as one of the best in 2018? Well, Sherrie is the woman who choreographed the dance you see in the video.

Eager to spread the knowledge, Sherrie has also released a tutorial video of the This is America choreography, which combines different styles of traditional African dances.

Sherrie in her This is America Tutorial Video

And now, Sherrie is once again sharing her talent for good by starring in an awareness film for National AIDS Trust (NAT), which was released on November 28, just in time for the World AIDS Day on December 1.

As she dances throughout the one-and-a-half-minute video, Sherrie can be seen twirling a red ribbon, the global symbol for HIV awareness. Narrated by Stephen Fry, the film is made to combat negative voices about HIV by empowering an army of advocates to rise up, stand together and set the agenda to stop the virus and its stigma in the UK.

sherrie silver choreographer of childish gambino's this is america dance to raise awareness on AIDS for World AIDS Day in a video narrated by Stephen Fry.gif

Furthermore, NAT and Sherrie are hoping to raise donations as well. “This film,” as stated on the official press release, “will be building on her philanthropy work,” particularly in Rwanda. Little did everyone know, over the past five years, Sherrie has been providing basic amenities to vocational training and hosting dance workshops to better the lives of the women and children in the country.

Sherrie says, “Whatever hardships we are going through, dance is always a source of joy for us. That’s why I love the concept of this film, which aims to deliver a powerful message through the positivity of dance. I’m hoping it will inspire the audience to engage with this cause, and donate as much as they can.”

Watch the video below: