thebe magugu | geology

September 09, 2017

words by: Vane Karolle

As he watched his country continue to witness socio-political flux, Thebe Magugu found an outlet in his first ever collection, which he's called Geology. The South African designer says he turned to escapism as a means to survive constant pressure. 

 "Among all the beauty in the country, there are some very stressful and damaging events coming into light almost with each passing day. I was just fed up with all the pressures of day to day urban life, and imagined a woman having to take refuge in the great outdoors, and surviving.”

Magugu draws here from the cosmopolitan woman finding solace and refuge in the great outdoors. He rethinks a rural setting in which an urban African woman might some sort of a release in the reliving of her games from her childhood. And it works here. He evokes a sense of freedom which translates well to the fluidity of his designs. 

Magugu's assemblage is a fresh mélange of plums, browns, reds and oranges; a dose of structure, and breathable, wearable pieces. 

With featured pieces like the "Koi-fish" print wrap dress, the multi false pocketed denim pinafore, the hiking plisse pleats dress with hiking neck ropes, Magugu is a name that is sure to catch on quickly.

A rousing first attempt, indeed: a practical and well-translated exploration of escapism.

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