the fan bingbing-approved instagram star who uses asian food for cosplay

June 01, 2018

Sine Benjaphorn creates laughter with some unusual—and sharp-smelling—costumes.

words by: Bere Wangge

Aside from being known as one of China's top actresses and legendary beauty, Fan Bingbing is also a certified global fashion icon. So you know it's serious when she approves of this Thai social media star's style.  

Bingbing recently took to her Instagram to repost a photo originally uploaded by Sine Benjaphorn, the owner of account @framsook_lek_lek. Sine has been going viral for a while for her creative celebrity cosplays, which sees her recreate red-carpet styles with low-budget costumes made of foods. In the photo reposted by Bingbing, for example, she uses lettuce to replicate the Ali Karoui gown worn by the actress to Cannes 2018.  

So cute💕

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Sometimes she dresses up as politicians too, as seen in one of her most popular posts: 

More often than not, Sine uses characteristically Asian foods to create her costumes, which give her cosplay designs their unique qualities. For many of Asian people, these foods are familiar and homely; for a lot of Westerners, they are bizarre and sometimes, gross. So, to see them turned into "fashionable" items causes some hilarity to ensue. This one, for example. 

Never again will prawn crackers be treated as a decoration or side dish. Thanks to Sine, who replicates Thai actress Araya Hargate's gown from 2016 with heaps of plastic bags filled with prawn crackers, they are now haute-couture-material.  

Sine seems to be a big fan of Araya, as she has repeatedly cosplayed as the actress. When Araya wore a Disney Princess-worthy yellow gown at the red carpet at Cannes 2018 earlier this year, Sine didn't miss the chance to recreate the look using the arguably most controversial fruit in the world: Durian.  

That's not the only time Sine uses food with a distinct smell for cosplay. Known as petai in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore or sato in Thailand, stink beans—as the name suggests—have a pungent odor that could pass as methane gas. Here, Sine uses the stink beans to recreate the hair of Starbucks' signature mermaid.  

Today, Sine has almost 60.000 followers on Instagram, and if Fan Bingbing's approval is any indication, it seems that she'll continue to receive a lot of love (and likes) in the foreseeable future. Hopefully her creativity will keep growing as large as her following!

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