jorja smith x preditah I uk garage anthem

September 16, 2017

words by: Puri Dewayani

Youth. Soul. Garage. The tune you've been waiting for all summer greets you in the fall.

Jorja Smith, the 20-year-old British singer from Walsall, has released her new single: On My Mind. It's an affectionate tribute to UK garage vibes: the kind of track you'll beg to turn up at a friend's house party.

In collaboration with Preditah, the UK’s darling of garage-dance music, Jorja gets into a major beat with a signature, vocal blend recalling Erykah Badu and Amy Winehouse. It's an old soul kind of voice: she sounds like she's been singing longer than she's been alive.

Gaining recognition as a Drake-recommended songstress, Jorja engraves a spot in your brain. With the accompanying lo-fi music video marrying her current sound to her jazz roots, she's sure to steal the hearts of taste making youngsters. It's fresh, it's classic. Look out for her.

All images and videos c/o Jorja Smith.

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