south african designer lukhanyo mdingi stays consistent to east aesthetic in 'soulful ii' collection

July 11, 2018

words by: Vane Karolle

Fans of the South African label Lukhanyo Mdingi seem to have two things in common: A stealth appreciation for understated elegance in design and a desire to wear fluid silhouettes in the most artistic manner. The creative director of the namesake brand, is known for his ability to derive inspiration from love and the romantic age, crafting impressively expressive pieces with lasting effects.

Lukhanyo appears to still have his magic touch as proven by his most recent body of work in which he so aptly dubbed "Soulful II". A follow-up to his earlier delivery "Soulful I," which saw jackets, tops, not-quite-track athletic leisure looks, wide-legged pleated pants aplenty, all styled with Afrocentric head pieces, reiterating his look to Eastern influence.

Maintaining his nod to the East, Lukhanyo yet again creates timeless pieces that pay flawless homage to the ancient East and soulful sensuality. The consistency in his choice of a dark color palette (all black and gray) is not without its own appeal. Replacing the athleisure-inspired wears seen in "Soulful I," Lukhanyo places even more emphasis on ease with pieces like the skousers, ruched waist lines, militant cuts and fringe girdle belts with cummerbunds. 

The wide-legged pleated pants and Afrocentric head gears made a successful comeback to "Soulful II," no surprise there. It is also nothing of a surprise that Lukhanyo openly encourages sustainable design by embracing local fabric sourcing and ethical production that goes to emphasize his modern approach to design.

Indeed, there are so many things to love about the South African designer, but for me, it would be his consistency with his aesthetics. And "Soulful II" goes to further prove this. 



Photography | Kyle Weeks
Model | Isaac Gabriel
Photography Assistant | Dylan Boerstra
Bags in collaboration with Research Unit



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