mahalia | sobering up into fall

October 05, 2017

words by: Puri Dewayani

Mahalia is sober. Mahalia takes back what she said. Mahalia is on tour.

The intro of Mahalia's new single Sober brings you back to that familiar, early-2000s R&B beat - muffled at first then immersive in the clarity of it's lyrical honesty. It's an ode to letting go of that special someone you can never hate, but can't stand to be with.

And it's no one's fault, especially when the tune befriends your love withdrawals and doesn't leave your side until you're okay. But with a bass line in a hook like that, you surely don't want it to escape your memory, ever.

All this, paired with a sassy yet laid-back vocals. Play now:

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Picture and Video c/o Mahalia.