mug the murals at korea's first-ever pow! wow! festival

October 26, 2017

words by: Bere Wangge

After roaming Taiwan, Israel, Singapore, Jamaica, Guam, New Zealand and beyond, the arts fest POW! WOW! has finally arrived in South Korea for the first time ever this year. The eight-day festival was held in the capital city Seoul from September 23 to 30, before it headed to Kobe, Japan from October 9 to 14.

Headquartered in Hawaii, POW! WOW! has (for the past eight years) steadily established itself as a leading global street art festival. At POW! WOW!, renowned international and local artists create live murals in several locations throughout the host city to expose the public to new street art, music and more. You can find pretty much everything at POW! WOW! - from murals to music workshops, live performances, film screenings, exhibitions and pop-up shops.

At POW! WOW! Korea 2017, five locals artists (Jay Flow, Royyal Dog, Xeva, Sixcoin, Yoon Hyup) and five overseas artists (Andrew Hem, Cryptik, Jasper Wong, Tristan Eaton, Persue) are commissioned to paint their murals in seven locations in Seoul (Sangdo-dong, Yeonnam-dong, Mullae-dong, Hongdae, Sookmyung Womens’ University, Hapjeong, Janghanpyeong). The festival also featured public installations by Grafflex and Laurence Vallieres.

Photographers Brandon Shigeta and TJ Chloe were on hand to document. Scroll through. 

Following Seoul, Kobe was the next Asian city to host POW! WOW! This year’s festival saw murals from artists Slick, Defer, Mr. OGAY, ONEQ, WHOLE9, CAB, Cook One, YOHEYY and Ahhi Choi

Images c/o POW! WOW! Korea and @powwowjapan
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