process | bluesville with co-founder direz

May 31, 2019

Globetrotter visits Bluesville’s workshop, where we get a firsthand look at the creation process of its indigo magic.

words by: GT Team

Indigo, arguably the most popular type of natural dye, has a history that spans 6.000 years and finds its roots in Asia, particularly in India, Japan and Southeast Asian countries. Such as Indonesia, for example. As Direz, the co-founder of the Jakarta-based brand Bluesville, says, though, the Indonesian indigo desperately needs more exposure. But that’s why Bluesville exists.

Bluesville is a menswear brand focusing on natural indigo dyeing. Globetrotter visited its workshop that is located on the outskirts of Jakarta, where a close-knit team of workers create the indigo magic. Getting there is a process in itself, what with the city’s infamous traffic. But watching what seems to be an ordinary white fabric turned indigo through a fastidious, precise and methodical process was a worthwhile experience.

To Globetrotter, Direz talks about getting the right hues, how denim inspired the brand, the people who keep Bluesville going and more.

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