jakarta-based illustrator philip ponk to live paint to benefit sudan

July 01, 2019

words by: Bere Wangge

Jakarta-based illustrator and graphic designer Philip Ponk is no stranger to collaboration projects. The artist, whose works can be identified by his signature character Ponka, has been appointed by Converse Indonesia to be one of their #RatedOneStar icons, and then by Levi’s Indonesia to be one of the brand’s Engineered Jeans’ personalities. Moreover, Philip was part of the creative team behind the 2018 Asian Games.

On the upcoming Elevation #3, which will take place on July 3, Philip will team up with Globetrotter to create a live painting that will be auctioned in support of the #SudanUprising. We reached out to him to learn more about preparing for his much-anticipated live artwork!

Globetrotter Magazine: How would you describe your artistic style?
Philip Ponk:
Pop and fun!

Globetrotter Magazine: Would you mind telling us about Ponka?
Philip Ponk: Ponka is a character I created when I couldn’t draw anatomy well. Ponka is a lovable and sensitive character. Sometimes it’s happy, sometimes it’s sad, but it always wants to look lively with vibrant colors.

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Globetrotter Magazine: Please tell us about your collaboration projects! And are you working on any project right now?
Philip Ponk:
I’ve collaborated with shoe brands, including Converse. Ponka with G-Shock. I have collaborated with a number of local brands and also with local collectives. Right now, I’m collaborating with an Indonesian singer, Teddy Aditya. I’m also planning to collaborate with a friend on a screen printing project.


Globetrotter Magazine: Would you mind telling us about your upcoming live painting work at our Elevation? And what do you hope the audience will gain from the artwork?
Philip Ponk:
I will invite a friend to create the live painting with me. I'm not on the ground in Sudan but I'm going to try to Convey the experiences of the people on the ground in their moment of distressI.

I hope the painting will be auctioned well, so the proceeds can be donated to Sudan.

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Thumbnail image c/o Converse Indonesia