in conversation | natasha diggs

January 30, 2019

As the resident DJ of “Mobile Mondays” and “Soul in the Horn” parties in New York, Natasha Diggs can usually be spotted behind the decks, playing her set and getting the crowd on the dance floor. So catching her dancing to her own rhythm at what seems to be a one-woman party in New Delhi was a rare occasion for us at Globetrotter. 

We last saw Natasha at G360 Live in Jakarta in August 2018, but earlier in March, she visited the New Delhi to perform at HG Street, the country’s first ever premium street and sneaker culture festival. While she was there, she also had the chance to meet up with the city’s creative community such as the founders of fashion label NORBLACK NORWHITE as well as sit down for an interview with Globetrotter.  

To Globetrotter, Natasha talks about the excitement of sharing the energy of “Mobile Mondays” and “Soul in the Horn” to the emerging street culture in India. “A lot of people came to me and [were, like,] ‘We don’t get what you do here that much. This is special for us,’” she says.  

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