silvana denker | metallic curves

September 13, 2017

words by: Vane Karolle

Size zero propaganda is nothing new. For decades, we've been programmed to believe skinny = attractive, but the push for inclusivity is slowly gaining steam. Think Ashley Graham, Jenna Dunk, Erica Schenk, Denise Bidot.

In the name of inclusive beauty and body diversity, photographer and model Silvana Denker created the series Metallic Curves.

As Denker told Refinery 29, "I decided to show rolls and bellies, the bodies of the women the way they are. My ambition was to create art and to show the beauty of the human body and size diversity." 

Her models are dowsed in metallic paint, most closely resembling sculptures, leaning into artistic, acrobatic poses. The photographer's point? That art comes in any shape or size.

After signing with a plus size agency in Germany, fresh off of a modeling competition, Denker has felt an increasing need for representation This birthed Denker's calendar for curvy women, followed by the Body Love Campaign, an anti-bullying and anti-body shaming project.

"Some of the women later said the shoot gave them so much self confidence. The best thing was and still is that we became a big group of women chatting every day and doing projects together. We became friends and help each other, and that’s amazing."

With this project, a gorgeous celebration of bodies that break with societal convention, Denker hopes to push the movement - and conversation - forward. 

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