lagos futurism

March 03, 2018

words by: Vane Karolle

Lagos Futurism by Photographer William Ukoh featuring fashion brands Orange Culture, Andrea Iyamah, Fruche Iamisigo, Raya, Maxivive, Ladunni Lambo.jpg

When I think of Afrofuturism, I think of this psychedelic utopia where there is a freedom of expression in fashion, music, funk, dancing—creativity in general. The combination of elements of science and historical fiction, fantasy, afrocentrism and magic realism with non-Western cosmologies in order to critique the present-day dilemmas of Africans seems to have become a staple for African creatives as there’s been an insurgence of talents championing Afrofuturism through fashion and art.

Tailoring Afrofuturism specifically to Lagos, capital of all things fashion in Africa, Nigerian photographer, William Ukoh has restyled the city in his own kaleidoscopic nirvana with his latest body of work aptly titled “Lagos Futurism”. Ukoh conjures a new African aesthetic— maybe just the possibility of it—borrowing from the city’s streetwear and occasion dress cultures as models are dressed in puffa and mesh jackets, male onesies, aso oke slips, pants and crops, tie-dye and foil replace what normally should be damask or brocade geles.

No, Lagosians haven’t quite started with the male onesies and foiled geles, but, with “Lagos Futurism,” Ukoh reimagines a Lagos where fashion and creativity will catch on.



Photographer: William Ukoh (@willyverse)
Makeup: Lauretta Orji (@lauretta_orji)
Stylist: Daniel Obasi (@iamdanielobasi)
Models: Rebecca, Eniola, Nelson
Orange Culture
Andrea Iyamah
Ladunni Lambo