edun | africa in the heart of soho

October 16, 2017

words by: Vane Karolle

You could say the tagline "sustainable fashion" became a thing all thanks to fashion brand Edun. Founded in 2005 by Ali Hewson and Bono, with the aim of promoting trade in Africa, Edun keeps up its sustainability 12 years later. And now, its first-ever retail store (wedged between Sant Ambroeus and FDNY Ladder 20) in New York city's Soho provides us with the physical proof.

“What’s amazing about having a store is that it starts to make the whole brand three-dimensional, not just for the customer but also for the team. You can really get a sense of what you’re creating and how to live in it . . . . We found the right space and got the aesthetic right, I believe," says Ali Hewson. 

Edun has maintained its consistent production of urbane minimalist garbs, created alongside craftsmen from Cameroon and Morocco and fostering the trade spirit in other creative circles.

“Through all the trips, the team is always finding new artisans. The store is about Edun’s universe, but it’s also about sharing and showcasing more work; that’s an important dynamic for us and an exciting aspect of this store, being able to have some small exclusivity and being able to present pieces that are unique," says Julien Labat, CEO of Edun. 

With a brand story linked to Africa, Edun's Soho retail store on the ever popular LaFayette street maintains an African-inspired aesthetic, with its displays of West African tradition-inspired textiles, the Congolese Sapele Pommele tree door ushering you into the fitting room, and the wood and ceramic artworks littered about the store shelves. And these simply live amongst the "made in Africa" offerings themselves. It's quite evident Africa has found a new home.

Images C/O EDUN

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