in conversation | show dem camp

July 24, 2019

Globetrotter met pioneering rap duo, Show Dem Camp, at their home in Lagos, where they talk making music about living in the present-time Nigeria

In an exclusive conversation with Globetrottrer, members of rap duo Show Dem Camp (SDC), Ghost (Olumide Ayeni) & Tec (Wale Davies), talk about their beat selections, their new album Clone Wars Vol. IV “These Buhari Times” and embracing the palm-wine music genre.

Palm wine is essentially African, and so is palm-wine music. As Tec mentions, it’s “what is organic, what is originally ours.” Their Clone Wars series, for example, is “a snapshot of who [they] are“ as Nigerians. In their music, they offer an honest take about young guys trying to make it in this present-time Nigeria while dealing with toxic masculinity and the conflict of expressing vulnerability.

SDC brings palmwine music to a higher level with Palmwine Music Fest. The festival was founded in 2017 to celebrate African music and introduce West African music to the continent. Ghost and Tec, though, also want the festival to go beyond that and turn it into a platform for up-and-coming African musicians “with the hope that those people, when they’re in that position, they’ll be able to bring up other people as well.“

Watch our conversation above.

EDITORS Robatron, Chairun Riza