in conversation | hadi ismanto of manual jakarta

February 13, 2019

When Hadi Ismanto first founded Manual Jakarta, the city had a different face. “We came from five years ago, where specialty coffee shops weren’t the norm… [People of Jakarta] have no idea what they're thinking. They’re trying to be cool for the sake of being cool without trying to understand, like, what constitutes good coffee, good pastries,“ he says.

So Manual was groomed to be what it is today: An independent lifestyle publication that uncovers the latest happenings in the city with a focus on food, fashion, arts and culture.

“One of our visions was actually to educate them that, you know, a good pastry should have this element, in that sense. A good café should have this value, should have this context. I think I'm pretty happy that five years forward, I think the market is pretty much ready, is pretty much understanding. Of course not only by our efforts but everyone in the industry, everyone in the ecosystem.“

To get our first look at the people in Manual’s ecosystem, Globetrotter took a sneak-peek inside Manual Jakarta's office and sit down for an exclusive conversation with Hadi himself. Watch the video above!