in conversation | abderrahmane trabsini of daily paper

February 06, 2019

Daily Paper’s passion for the African heritage has always been apparent in almost, if not, all of their collections. Nothing strange about it, knowing that the founders are of the same background. The Amsterdam-based ready-to-wear label is known for incorporating African cultures, through the use of patterns and fabrics, with modern designs and silhouettes.

Abderrahmane Trabsini, who co-founded the brand back in 2010, flew all the way to Jakarta, Indonesia in July last year to attend Globetrotter’s G360 Live as a guest speaker, where he shared about “The X-Factor and What Makes a Brand Stand Out.” Abderrahmane believes that as originality is a rare case for modern-day fashion, young brands should be able to find the core of their brand, staying true to themselves, and always add value into it instead of creating something for the sake of being on trend.

Sitting down with Globetrotter, Abderrahmane talked about Daily Paper’s humble beginnings, getting inspirations from his hometown, collaborations with PUMA, and basically sharing his knowledge about creating a one-of-a-kind brand. Starting small by designing no more than five T-shirts, Abderrahman believed that “you don’t have to start big, Daily Paper is a good example that it is possible to start small and build something amazing from it.”