full crate gets personal in self-directed video to 'a storm on a summers day'

July 16, 2018

words by: Bere Wangge

Anticipation ramps up for Full Crate’s upcoming EP Still Growing with the release of the Dutch DJ/producer’s latest track, “A Storm on a Summers Day.”  

The first single of the EP, “A Storm on a Summers Day” is a testament to Full Crate’s flair for warm, soulful sound. Adding an even more tender edge is newcomer singer Gaidaa who lends her voice to the song, softly singing the honest and intimate lyrics about a love not unlike a summer storm. 

duth dj and producer full crate directs music video to his soulful r&b new single 'a storm on a summers day' featuring singer gaidaa taken from his upcoming ep still growing - body.jpg

Matching the atmospheric, warm and minimalistic mood of the song is a music video that is directed by Full Crate himself. Indeed, not only the song and video, but also the EP are a personal project for Full Crate, as it comes out of self-reflection and personal growth.  

It was born after his struggles with relationships as well as mental and physical health. Today, he considers those experiences as an important journey of his life. 

“It’s the first time I have taken my real true feelings and put them into songs and visuals,” he says in an official release. “The first time I have written the majority of the songs and put my story out in the open. From creating the songs to writing the scripts for the videos and directing them.”

Watch the video below:



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