ethereal wonderland | a globetrotter photo story

October 19, 2018

words by: Kirana Ardhia


Ethereal Wonderland is an otherwordly collaboration with visual artist and photographer Denisa Rahma (DNAEIS). Oozing a sense of spiritual mystery, the muses are styled in a cultish manner — everyone is connected to each other through restraining poses, matching hues in clothing and monastic hairstyles. Highlighting the art of photo manipulation, the editorial immaculately conveys a supernatural phenomena.


Photography & Artistic Direction | Denisa Rahma
Creative Direction & Styling | Kirana Ardhia
Beauty Direction | Rara Endoh
Models | Zeline Prabowo (Native), Sasha Nurima (Persona), Clarita (Balitar), Ray Shabir
Brands | TANGAN, TOTON, fbudi, NIKICIO, Aesthetic Pleasure