dj spinna, geo-logy & more remix disco classics in 'salsoul sounds familiar'

June 04, 2018

words by: Bere Wangge

With a history that has spanned over three decades, legendary label Salsoul Records needs no introduction for classic disco enthusiasts. But the New York-originated label will have a chance to further expand its influence and familiarize itself to new listeners with an upcoming collaboration. 

Salsoul has come together with Sounds Familiar to release a double-vinyl set, titled Salsoul Sounds Familiar.

legendary new york disco label salsoul records collaborates with italy's sounds familiar for salsoul sounds familiar featuring dj spinna, geo-logy and more remix.jpg

Based in Italy, Sounds Familiar is composed of producers, DJs, promoters and remixers, including DJ Spinna, Mark Grusane, GE-OLOGY, Twice & Volcov, Kai Alce and Specter. These artists have reworked on some of the best tracks produced by Salsoul and compiled the results in Salsoul Sounds Familiar

Considering that Salsoul has inspired the Sounds Familiar artists in one way or another, it would definitely be interesting to hear the different approaches they will take in remixing and reediting the original sounds. 

Check out the tracklist below:

Side One
1. The Salsoul Orchestra – Chicago Bus Stop (Ooh, I Love It) (DJ Spinna Refreak)
2. The Strangers – Stimulation (Twice & Volcov Edit)
Side Two
1. Ge-Ology Feat. Sonya Distel – Re-Fingered With Love
2. Joe Bataan – Latin Lover (Specter Edit)
Side Three
1. Civil Attack – On The Phone (Mark Grusane)
2. Jaime Lynn – You Aint Got No Money (Twice & Volcov Edit)
Side Four
1. The Salsoul Orchestra – Salsoul Rainbow (Kai Alce Ndatl Edit)


Salsoul Sounds Familiar will come out on July 27. Pre-order your copy here.