daily paper unites amsterdam youth in latest project

March 01, 2018

"Unity is strength"

words by: Bere Wangge


Daily Paper has done unveiling their Fall/Winter 2018 collection at Paris Fashion Week, and now one of our favorite Amsterdam-based brands have more to reveal: A project called “Unite.” 

To introduce the project, Daily Paper crew released a short film made in collaboration with director Sharif Abdel Mawla

In a very brief time—41 seconds—the film adeptly highlights the cast who consists of the youth of Amsterdam. Although bathed in dim violet-hued light, the young models are visibly diverse and, you can thank Daily Paper for this, stylish. The director shoots them in their own respective spaces, oozing comfort and confidence as they look straight at the camera or just chillin'.

Despite the short video, "Unite" has a long-lasting purpose. With the project, Daily Paper looks to “cultivate [the youth’s] relationships and expand their community, encouraging international youth to express and accept their individualism and educate them to protect themselves.” The brand’s official statement also reads, “Daily Paper’s motivation is not a ‘theme’ but a quest to explore their identity and their place in this world on a greater scale. By championing their culture and creating a community of belonging rather than exclusion, the youth will always be heard.”

Not just a project, “Unite” is a community for the youth to be or to learn about themselves, where they can be among their own peers. If this sounds like something you'll be interested in, join the community here.