daily paper fw17 | children of the city

November 03, 2017

south africa calling for daily paper fw 17

words by: Bere Wangge

Our go-to brand for contemporary streetwear, Daily Paper, unveiled their Fall/Winter 2017 collection in October. Named Children of the City, the African-influenced brand's latest offering is a nod to the youth of South Africa.

In a statement accompanying the release, Daily Paper notes that the South African youth's unique culture and lifestyle are constantly challenged by the country's socioeconomic, political and racial realities. Yet they've managed to adapt and build "a new world for themselves through sartorial elegance, style and grace." Fashion becomes a tool to maintain their ingenuity. "The children of the city are all about finding and expressing their own unique identity and sharing this with the rest of the world."

So when the brand set out to create the campaign for the collection, they put the South African youth in the spotlight. Daily Paper traveled to the "rainbow nation," roaming the country's street style metropolises "to explore the concept of stealth and survival through the eyes of its youth." The models - all street-scouted - were photographed in Cape Town and Johannesburg. The streets of South African cities lent the photo series its documentary-like vibes.  

The collection boasts technical trims and 3M/glow in the dark prints, all balanced with subdued earthy tones and subtle branding. Children of the City comprises the brand's second full women's range, the follow-up to their debut collection launched last July.

The first drop of the collection is already available at Daily Paper's Amsterdam stores and global retailers, as well as the brand's online store.


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