bantu | agberos international

July 10, 2017

words by: Bere Wangge

Today, on one of this year's most easily memorized dates (7.7.17), the Lagos-originated band Bantu released their latest album, Agberos International. More than an album, it's the fruit of six years of labor. 

Fronted by vocalist Adegoke Odukoya, who goes by the name Adé Bantu, the Nigerian music collective consists of 13 musicians. Odukoya founded the group with his brother Abiodun: the brothers are also the founding fathers of Afropolitan Vibes, a series of monthly concerts in Lagos. 

"The whole idea of Afropolitan Vibes is to bring it back to ourselves. We want to take all the complexity and coolness of being African, and to connect it to the realities on the ground," Adé said in an interview with the Guardian, back in 2014.

That theme remains front and center in Agberos International. With ten tracks, the album draws inspiration from Lagos: the hustle and bustle, the aforementioned complexity of the city and its people. It features beautiful collaborations with legendary drummer Tony Allen and the poet Wana Wana.

That fusion of Afrobeat, Hip-hop, Afrofunk, Highlife and Yoruba sounds that have been the core of Bantu since they entered the Nigerian music scene in 1999. 

Listen to Afropunk, the first track in the album, below:

Agberos International is available digitally on all music streaming and download services.

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