alex face | graffiti in a troubled world

July 05, 2017

words by: Bere Wangge

Even in a city as fast-paced as Bangkok, it's near impossible to miss the works of the street artist Alex Face (Patcharapol Tangruen). It seems that they're everywhere you look around the city. And they're massive. 

You can pick Face's graffiti out of a line up when you spot his signature character, in child called Mardi - dressed a rabbit costume - who peers out at passersbys from tall walls with half-closed eyes and a sense of weary vulnerability. In an interview, Face said Mardi is inspired by his daughter - and represents every child who has to face the troubled world upon birth. His work is steeped in social awareness - in references to the neighborhoods and slums and lives of people in Bangkok. Alex Face is a clear realist, but many of his works - like the one seen on the wall of Tanabutr Printing next to Bangkok's National Stadium BTS Station - put the artist's hope for peace and love on full display. 

Images c/o Alex Face.