amine bendriouich | abcb

September 27, 2017

words by: Globetrotter Team

The Moroccan artist Amine Bendriouich straddles the worlds of poetry, film, music, design and fashion - like so many of our favorites, he's impossible to pin down. We're looking back at this editorial from his Couture & Bullshit label - from Globetrotter Issue Two - and it's as fresh and sharp as ever.

A little poetry directly from the brand: 

Amine Bendriouich – Couture and Bullshit (A B C B) believes in legends, in superheroes, in urban heroes and we design clothes for them. We believe that one day we will be with Bob, Jim, Janis, James, & Michael...

We believe clothes are an accessory for an attitude. The designs and lines are not gender specific. Sometimes slightly more feminine, sometimes slightly more masculine. You decide what is feminine or masculine to you and make it yours.

ABCB is Moroccan tea made by Moroccan Goumiers after the Monte Casino battle, mixed by DJ Shadow & Massive Attack under the order of Bob Marley and by appointment to his majesty the king Michael J, cooked in Nina Simone's kitchenette in Anfa hotel, with some Indian plants brought by Esteban de Dorentes as a gift for Mourad Rais, to be drunk by all the family while dancing on the good vibes we love.

And click through below for an accompanying mashup of music, poetry, dance, design and fashion from the brand: "In GO(L)D We Trust" Half Poet Half Animal.

For all things A B C B, follow the brand's official Facebook page.