full crate x mar

September 10, 2013

interview by: Cynthia Abigail

Welcome to Jakarta guys! This is your first time in Asia; how is it so far?

Both: Thank you.

Full Crate: It’s really good. It’s a completely different experience; the vibe, and the people are all very friendly, very open, so we definitely feel very welcome.

You’ve been in Jakarta for a week, what have you been up to? Was it all work, or did you have time for some play and get to explore the city as well?

Mar: A bit of both. It’s been fun.

Full Crate: Basically, we tried to visit a lot of traditional Indonesian things and places. We visited different locations, we checked out the millions malls they have here, which is amazing! We went shopping, which was great, since we’re both a big fan of batik. Met with different people. Overall, it has been an amazing time.

You’ll be performing in Indonesia for the first time, at Yeyo. What do you think of the location? It’s a rooftop setting, you have the skyscrapers, and surely a different experience from what you have back home in Amsterdam. Have you experienced something like this before?

Mar: No, this is absolutely beautiful.

Full Crate: I like the concept of the rooftop having large windows everywhere, which makes the view really amazing.

Mar: I’m looking forward to the images tonight and can’t wait to share our music.


What are you guys working on right now? I hear there’s an album in the making?

Full Crate: That’s right, our debut album is coming out.

Mar: Somewhere in the first half of 2014.

 What kind of sounds can we expect?

Mar: It’s going to be a fusion of Electronic with Pop; we’re a big fan of making pop music right now. R&B, Electronic, Pop and 80s, let’s just keep it at that.

Why Pop specifically?

Mar: Well, there’s some good Pop that we’re both fans of like Prince, Pharrell and Michael. That’s great music and still Pop. We used to be a little bit scared of Pop and using the word Pop, but now we love it.

Full Crate: If you do it the right way, then there’s nothing wrong with it. We kind of try to take the mood that we’re in mentally and just put that into music and that reflects in the music that we make. Even with this album, every song that we made had that certain combination of those elements that Mar mentioned earlier. We don’t want to force anything, if something feels right then that’s what we should do.

What’s a day in the studio like with you two?

Full Crate: It’s always different. Sometimes Mar will work in his studio and he’ll send me a sketch, and I’ll call him back and say “Oh my God, this is amazing you need to come to me right now” and I’ll work on it. Or I’ll send him something, and he will record something back, or sometimes we’re together. So, it’s kind of a triangle of his or my studio and working together in the studio. It’s fun, I like this back and forth dynamic that we have.

You travel, or rather tour, a lot – especially in the States. Do you go to other studios there as well, or collaborate with different artists?

Mar: Definitely! L.A. is the best spot for studios, it’s like Hollywood – everything is there. We’ve been to huge studios and worked with the people there, just to check out what comes of it.

Is there someone you’re excited to work with, whether it’s a collaboration within music or in a different field that suits Full Crate & Mar?

Mar: I think at the moment we’re very focus on our solo work only, so we’re not really searching for a collaboration at the moment. However, we’re fans of other artists so it might happen at some point.

Full Crate: If something comes up and it feels right, it’s good. As Mar said, we don’t want to score that hit necessarily all because that one person is featured on a track. We want to do it on our own and we want to see how far we can take it that way, so we only want to focus on our own work.

Do you guys see yourselves signing with a big record label at some point, because I guess you can lose some of your creative freedom is you do so?

Full Crate: That’s true. We can’t say a lot about that at this stage… 

So there’s something in the works?

Full Crate: There could be something in the works, let me just put it this way.

Mar: We’ve got some cool info for y’all!

Full Crate: But that will be later. We’re trying to focus on the creative part now, and let the management take care of the other things. What we want to do is basically keep the creative control, because sometimes you can lose that when you sign to a major record label. We try not to cloud our heads with that too much right now, if that’s going to give us unnecessary pressure and try to keep it as natural as possible, and see what happens in the near future.

You’ve known each other for quite some years. How do you see each other grow together as Full Crate & Mar, and in your friendship as well?

Mar: That’s a good question. I think we’ve been friends for over thirteen years now, so I don’t think much will change because we’re already ‘tight’. We know pretty much everything about each other. Any experience that we’re going to have, we will share that together—like this beautiful moment right here. Hopefully we’ll tour Asia pretty soon, and that will be yet another experience together and we will grow as artists, and we’ll grow together. I think one of our strengths, and why people love our music, is because there is a connection. As long as that is there, we’re good.

Full Crate: From a working perspective, we still learn a lot from each other. When we work, it’s two friends working, but when it comes to business we need to put our friendship aside and do strictly business. That’s something we haven’t been doing for thirteen years, but recently, and we’re still learning along the way.

Is there a certain status that you want to achieve together? I know you’re fans of N.E.R.D., that’s a group of friends since high school and they’re extremely successful now. Do you want to get at their level?

Full Crate: Absolutely, sky is the limit. I remember when there was a certain time when I was thinking like that. You just set up your dreams really high, aim for it and go full speed and we’ll see where we go.

Mar: The Grammy’s are next month, we’re going to play there and win some! *chuckles* That’s the aim.

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