awale studio | été 89

June 30, 2017

words by: Vane Karolle

If you liked Awale Studio's debut offering, Blockhaus, you'll swoon over the brand's latest effort.

The Côte d'Ivoire-based ethical fashion marque deviates not and delivers another perfectly utilitarian collection, inspired by the season of summer.  This one is titled << été  89>>, and Creative Director Jad Fardon sees that each piece is well-crafted, embodying the brand's minimal distinctiveness with nineties vibes. 

From the designer:
"« été 89 » means « summer 89 » in French. It is the summer I was born. The collection articulates around basic items designed in an effortless and comfortable language. With été 89 I keep substantiating the brand’s identity and signature among consumers. Still working on basics and simple cuts with pure and minimalist lines, I want my designs to remain very wearable. "I want people wearing the collection to feel like they are on «La Corniche» in Dakar, «Raouche» in Beirut, «la Croi- sette» in Cannes, or Venice Beach in LA; wherever they feel like summer is refreshing."

With comfort as priority, «été 89» sees bright hues, light fabrics, airy shirts, crops, tunics, shirt dresses, mini skirts, sporty shorts, maxis, tie-dye, classic collars, straight and oversized cuts, pure and minimalist lines. Each piece from the collection offers a "feel-at-home wherever you find yourself" kind of experience - the pieces have been created to feel just like a second skin. 

As Jad imagines himself in the central district "Le Plateau," randomly "stopping at some little street corner to get refreshments or to hear the last piece of news on the waiter’s radio, going for a run in the morning, taking kids to school, having lunch in a hurry, running between two meetings - all this while wearing comfortable clothing with a twist of chic and a bissap or niamaku frozen juice in a hand."

Jad continues to offer mod con style drawing from his love for Abidjan and ultimately, for comfort.

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