the magic of yoshi

February 14, 2017

words by: Vane Karolle

Let's talk about Yoshi.

The 13-year-old, Tokyo-based middle-schooler has fashion sorted  - down to a T. The au courant teen takes styles cues from Sid Vicious and has gathered an army of Instagram followers over the past few months with his famed elevator selfies.

Eccentric to be sure, Yoshi often sports a t-shirt with ripped jeans or above-ankle pants. But the real eye-catchers are signature silver or black ankle boots, histhick metal chains draped on his waist or neck, the jet black nails signaling that emo feel and the frequent addition of trenches, lending an air of "asian cabal."

It's not the clothes that make Yoshi cool. Yoshi who makes the clothes. His vaunt gives the garments an unalloyed vibe. An "I don't give AF" swagger paired with a obvious obsession with Virgil Abloh's brand - Off White (he's already caught Abloh's attention) - gives him current official title "coolest teen."  


Follow YOSHI on instagram for a little dose of freshness. 

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