misbhv aw17: euphoria

February 17, 2017

words by: Vane Karolle

MISBHV brings us a post-soviet Europe-inspired offering with a political stance. The collection symbolizes the collocation of the west's make-believe monde and the east's jarring materiality. With an unpretentious take on 'trend' and 'luxury,' the Polish brand - spearheaded by Natalia Maczek - offers mettlesome zing with the use of peculiar prints, charcoal blacks and bold reds, voluminous outerwear and pants that harken back to 90s grunge. The collection features leather shirt jackets with photographic imprints and silky red shirts inured by biker chain accessories - all of which symbolize the brand's subversive undercurrent. 

Tags: Vane Karolle