dent de man | lookbook

May 11, 2017

words by: globetrotter news

Dent de Man's mix of West African cuts with Javanese/Indonesia batik prints are such a fresh take on menswear. We're keeping an eye on this brand.

The name Dent de Man comes from a mountain close to the city of Man, in the northwest region of Cote d'Ivoire. Translated as 'tooth of man'  from the French, the mountain is a revered landmark, one that inspired Dent de Man's British-Ivorian founder and creative director with its lush and colorful flaura and fauna. 

From the website:
After an impromptu journey from the centre of the Ivory Coast to the heart of East London and its vibrant fashion scene, the first creations under the name Dent de Man were introduced to the market in 2013. Dent de Man finds its identity in providing traditional sartorial elegance through brashly outspoken and colourful menswear; a contrast of classic and cutting edge that defines the brand. In its underlying ethos of challenging the establishment, Dent de Man blends a simple approach to menswear with a traditional Javanese soul in prints and fabrics—each fabric having been individually sourced and possessing it’s own story and meaning. Dent de Man prides itself on the utilisation of vintage fabrics and a celebration of ancient printing techniques. Through a close collaboration with premium batik inspired Dutch print manufacturer VLISCO, Dent de Man has access to a fabric archive going back over 100 years. The team around Dent de Man (encompassing over five nationalities) embraces a global perspective, brought together in its East London hub. Through creative collaboration, Dent de Man creates a contemporary silhouette: reflecting a bold personality and avant garde lifestyle for the citizen of the world. The pieces are bright and uplifting additions to the wardrobe of today’s man.