alo wala | paralyzed

April 06, 2017

words by: Kennedy Ashinze

ALO WALA (aka Shivani Ahlowalia) has released the follow-up to her critically acclaimed EP ‘Vibrate to Win’ and ‘Cityboy’ (Enchufada). Over the past couple of years, the Chicago-born/ Copenhagen-based MC has worked to establish herself as one of the most exciting names in the global club scene.

With ‘Paralyzed’, ALO WALA delivers a powerful protest anthem that sits at home on the dance-floor; a statement that cuts across socio-economic and cultural barriers to instill the beauty of multi- culturalism in a border-free world. We are all given the opportunity to live a beautiful existence but are often ‘Paralyzed’ from the greater injustice that we as humans create and impose on our ourselves. This paralysis keeps us from the optimal life that is paradise. The song further asserts that by getting to nature, our authentic-selves defined by love, we can create that paradise again. 

Co-produced by the global club scene heavyweights Clap-Clap and Branko (of Buraka Som Sistema fame), 'Paralyzed' can be best described as a new, hybrid sound that marks the chaos and beauty of today’s world. Boasting Afro-centric riddims, hypnotic flute harmonies and bass so deep it makes your insides rumble, ‘Paralyzed' is a mission that showcases the need for us, as a global community, to come together fearlessly and PUSH in the face the vitriol and hate that’s being championed by a few across the world