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May 02, 2017

words by: Vane Karolle

Last year, the beauty and fragrance division for Giorgio Armani launched 'Si Women's Circle' - a digital rostrum created to connect and empower women from various walks of life, encouraging them to share stories and start conversations.

This year,  Amy Sall has been selected as one Armani's five "Sì" women. She's adjunct professor of Culture and Media Studies at The New School in New York, and the founder of the forthcoming SUNU - a journal of African affairs and aesthetics.

Over the years, she's evolved from a career in fashion to human rights, and describes herself in the Armani exclusive in three words - "Ambitious, curious and focused." Amy is joined by digital influencer Nicole Warne, lawyer and writer Rachel Sklar, technology entrepreneur Ulla Engestrom and model and artistic director Sofia Sanchez de Betak.

“They are women that strike a chord through their personalities, independence and courage to pursue their aspirations in various fields,” designer Armani praised. “Real women who perfectly embody the brand's values.”

Expect to see a series of videos via Armani's social media platforms featuring personal stories of this year's Sì women.

Image C/O Vincent Desailly

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