the ethereal david uzochukwu

May 10, 2017

Is David Uzochukwu from another world? Might be. Scroll through these images and see if you're not transported, somewhere, or if you can tear your eyes away. Then reckon with the fact that he's only 17 years old. 

One of Globetrotter's favorite new visual voices, Uzochukwu started shooting and posting images on social media at the age of 12. With a focus on transporting self-portraiture and an eerily tuned-in sense of what's human and what's nature, he's gotten big internationally in the last year or two - with work and recognition from Canon, Flickr and EyeEm (who titled him their 2014 Photographer of the Year). His work also appeared in mo(ve)ments: African Digital Subjectivities at Yale’s 2016 AFRICA SALON, curated by Globetrotter writer Ifeanyi Awachie

Based in Brussels, Uzochukwu was born in Austria in 1998, moving to Luxembourg when he was six. With a Nigerian (Igbo) father and Luxembourgian mother, he's cross-cultured, a nomad, an in-betweener like so many of the rest of us. He's cited isolation and that inbetween-ness as inspiration for his work - that shines through clearly, as does the impressive depth and wisdom of his young mind.

If you'll recall Nike's recent campaign featuring the equally otherworldly singer and songwriter, FKA Twigs earlier in the year, then his name should familiar - he shot the stills for the lush campaign. Click through below. 

The self taught ingenue boasts a number of top marques amongst his portfolio: Wonderland Magazine, Dazed Digital and Numero to name a few. He's won awards from EyeEm and Flickr.

David's photographic style is equal parts sinister and angelic, with a strong thread of worship of the natural world. His portraits are stunning, but it's the self-portraits, often nude, that are next level experimental and arresting. 


Currently Brussel and Paris based, David has said he hopes to work with African artists like Loza Maleombho and Kibonen NY as he continues to create works that question visual and cultural boundaries. 

All images c/o David Uzochukwu

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