happi | a boy and his imaginary friend

April 13, 2017

words by: Vane Karolle

Emerging North London recording artist HAPPI has just dealt out some UK sounds and we're not mad about it.

His new EP - A Boy and His Imaginary Friend - is quite the mood-switcher. In his genre-defying body of work, the fluidity between positivity and melancholy is laudable. 

It's not hard to detect the 'black' elements ingrained in HAPPI's new sounds; his vocals signaling afro-beat with a spritely notes of drum 'n bass in production. ‘The Introduction’ sees an opening of boisterous bars led by a ballyhoo of drums. More subtle and delicate in production are the follow-up tracks ‘Southside’, ‘Lie’ and ‘For A Minute.' Happi takes subtle to another level with penultimate track '10 Feet Tall', with vocals center-stage alongside acoustic guitar.

A sway is guaranteed upon hearing HAPPI's lead single 'Forever.' In a lush offering of bass 'n drum interlaced with contagious vocal melodies and backing harmonies; HAPPI pours his heart out about long-lasting love. 

As Happi told AStepFwd

“Forever is my favourite song on the project because it was the most natural song in terms of its creation. It had no plan or purpose, it had no lyrics or beat, it was purely a ‘freestyle’ into the microphone, with the hopes of creating magic. We even used the original recording from my bedroom studio to emphasis its rawness”.

"It was a song that came out of the frustration of not being able to create on my own. The song and video represent the whole ‘Boy And His Imaginary Friend’ EP both conceptually and sonically. It talks about things that I stand for – love, humility and consistency. Overall, I hope people feel the love I feel when I hear it!

"A Boy and his Imaginary Friend" is a take on contemporary pop with a nod to present-day romanticism. From a Northern Londonian comes anthems of love and hope.


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