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FEBRUARY 28, 2017







words by: vane karolle

The Paris-based visual artist MeliyArt sources inspiration from mythology, fusing ancestral folklore with the divine feminine in her digital renderings of black females. Her vibrant, layered graphic collages have such range, clearly drawing from those ancient stories but also referencing (and critiquing) pop culture, commercial art, advertising and more.

MeliyArt grew up in Martinique, and now lives and works in Paris. While she cites David LaChapelle and Tim Walker as influences, her clear objective is to unify Africans from all walks of life by through the tools of ancestral mythos and incorporeality.

The artist recently spoke to Afropunk about her craft, shedding light on her goals as an artist:

“The main aim of my work could be summed up as a desire to associate past and present parts of the African heritage, in a creative world where the Myth, as a common bond between members of the Diaspora, could demonstrate the strength of the collective unconscious, despite ethnocide and alienation, towards a resumption of ancestral memory."

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