malay on a sunday

February 12, 2017

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Music producer Malay is best known for his killer work on Frank Ocean’s album “Channel Orange" (he won a Grammy Award for it in 2013). The New York Times caught the Brooklyn-based, Malaysian-born producer (real name James Ryan Ho) for their #SundayRoutine series, in which we discover that his love for cooking comes from his homeland (legit), and that he's got some good looking projects in the pipeline. 

More gems? He's a dog-person: 
"... He is in the studio seven days a week and rarely gets a “full day off,” he said. Still, Malay (pronounced muh-LAY), 38, whose real name is James Ryan Ho, fits in some downtime on Sundays to connect with his wife, Iris Belson, 30, a singer, and to indulge in some cooking. They live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with their dogs, Boo-T, 5, a Shih Tzu, and Coco, 3, a Maltese Yorkie."

Malaysians don't play when it comes to food: 
"I am really into cooking. My family is from Malaysia originally, and in our culture, kids learn basic kitchen skills like chopping as well as cooking at a young age at home by helping their families. Back then, it was a chore, but now I love experimenting with new recipes, especially for Sunday brunches. I just got a Smoking Gun to smoke foods, and I’m using it on egg dishes. The last thing I made was a lobster eggs Benedict that was smoked. I made the hollandaise sauce from scratch." 

We'll have our ear to the ground for new Aminé: 
Normally after brunch, I Juno it to Manhattan to Germano Studios in the Village where I tend to my various projects. Besides Sam Smith and Zayn, I’m working with this up-and-coming hip-hop singer from Portland, Aminé, who has a popular song out right now called “Caroline.” And, I am also working on my own album, which is a collaboration of songs with many of the artists I have worked with."

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