kennedy ashinze

Kennedy Ashinze founded Globetrotter in 2013 from his beloved city of Chicago, which he called home for 16 years. He was the brainchild behind some of the city's most cutting edge, progressive events in media, fashion, music, the arts and more.  

Currently based in Jakarta, the quintessential globetrotter and former stock broker is often behind the scenes - curating, conceptualizing and/or challenging the subculture narrative in cities he touches.  Along the way he's garnered industry acclaim from his creative peers worldwide and is sought out across disciplines thanks to his knack for pushing the envelope creatively. Notables include MASSIVE at Chicago's revered Sonotheque; and The MASHup - a series co-branded with his Casadesoul space, in collaboration with Brooklyn's Waxpoetics.

words by kennedy