banda, the dark forgotten trail

July 14, 2017

Watch the trailer for the stunningly-shot Indonesian documentary: Banda, the Dark Forgotten Trail.

Most people have heard of Silk Road, but only a few know of Spice Road. The ancient trade route was of equal importance - some would argue even more so. Yet it's been largely forgotten.

Helmed by one of Indonesia's most respected directors, Jay Subyakto, Banda, the Dark Forgotten Trail, is here to remind us all. Ahead of its August 3rd release, production company Lifelike Pictures released the trailer for the documentary. And what a stunning one it is. 

Featuring the work of cinematographer Ipung Rahmat Syaiful, the documentary focuses on the islands of Banda, in Maluku Province, Indonesia. Centuries ago, the islands - along with their abundant spices - became a significant destination for explorers from many nations. That brought sovereignty disputes, violence, and trouble - but also plurality - to Banda. 

Click through above to watch the trailer. 

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