the sushi chef


Bun Lai is leading a sustainable sushi revolution

Vice's series Munchies has us hungry - and interested. This episode features Bun Lai of New Haven, CT's Miya's Sushi - a restaurant quite unlike any other. Bun and his team are spreading the sustainable sushi word, and love, with totally creative dishes and takes on how we eat. A revolution in food.  

From Vice: 
When Yoshi Lai opened the restaurant in 1982, it was the first of its kind in the area and very traditional. When Yoshi’s son Bun became involved, it all changed. From a young age, Bun was always interested in food and it’s impact on the environment. When he started working at his family’s restaurant it became clear that he could lessen their carbon footprint by swapping out traditional sushi fish such as salmon and tuna with more sustainable options such as lion fish, Asian carp, and foraged plants. Today, Miya’s is a New Haven favorite where you can eat all kinds of experimental rolls, many of which use ingredients foraged and grown by Bun and his family.