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JANUARY 11, 2016


HYFN x Hatecopy x Babbu

HYFN teamed up with Babbu the Painter and Hatecopy (two Globetrotter favs) for one of the most interesting short film pieces we've seen of late. Bad Beti (beti means daughter in Hindi) is a challenge to (and from) a desi community to see their young creative women as more than the typical subservient, obedient, traditional stereotype so often forced upon them. The result is dark, beautiful and challenging. We're hoping to see a lot more from this team soon.

From the team: "What is Bad Beti? It's the idea that by being audacious and embracing yourself can sometimes lead to being judged and labeled. We often see this happen to our brown female youth when they don't fit into what's expected of them or when they push boundaries. Let's embrace our individualities and create a movement of positivity."