xu bing: thought and method

The renowned Chinese artist opens his first exhibition in Southeast Asia.

date Aug 31, 2019 - Jan 12, 2020

date Museum Macan

Chinese artist Xu Bing's first retrospective exhibition in Southeast Asia has opened at Museum Macan in Jakarta, Indonesia on August 31.

One of the most internationally known Chinese artists, Xu’s art is as a way to respond to the problems around him. “Where there is life, there are problems. Where there are problems, there is art,“ he says. His works mostly consist of installations that symbolize the changes of times: From the transformations of the Chinese language and the communication issues he experienced during his stay in the US, to the modern way to converse as represented by emojis and the all-seeing CCTV/surveillance network in China.

The exhibition will run until January 12, 2020. Visit Museum Macan’s Instagram for more information.