tony allen & jeff mills live with dj ron trent

Two living legends, together!

date Feb 28, 2018

date Metro

What happens when the biggest name in techno and the greatest drummer alive collaborate? You're about to find out on February 28, when Jeff Mills and Tony Allen come together for a special performance in Chicago.

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Held at Metro, the duo will also be joined by DJ Ron Trent. Tickets can be purchased here (GA) and here (VIP).


From the venue:
Jeff Mills is a titan of the electronic dance scene and a tireless innovator, who helped to give birth to the 1980s Detroit techno scene before going on to compose electro symphonies, sound-tracks and sonic odysseys inspired by futurism and space travel, collaborating with visual artists, choreographers, classical orchestras, even astronauts.

In his quest to liberate himself from the tyranny of the sequencer, Mills couldn’t wish for a better partner than the father of Afrobeat. Many consider Tony Allen to be one of the greatest drummers alive. In the last thirty years, his signature mix of Nigerian roots, polyglot jazz and no-fuss funkiness—delivered with both absolute looseness and absolute precision—has spread like a virus around the world, infecting the work of artists as diverse as Damon Albarn, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Mortiz Oswald.

The commanding duo’s live show shows are a rhythm summit without equal, a chance to witness two of the world most innovative beat-makers, supplemented by the Moogs and synths of Jean-Philippe Dary, fusing past and future into an intense, seamless present where Africa and America, digital and analogue, afro, jazz and electro become one.

Improvisation and instinct rule. Neither Jeff Mills nor Tony Allen will know exactly where each piece will take them. That’s all the excitement – to get on board with two of the world greatest living masters of rhythm, set the controls of the heart of the soul, and boldly go into the unknown.