public culture's collection #09: anger management exhibition

The exhibition will include an “Anger Room” installation.

date Aug 31-Sep 2, 2018

date Ganara Art Space (Ex-Casa)

To celebrate the launch of its new collection, Public Culture will hold a 3-day exhibition showcasing the latest garments as well as other installations revolving around the collection's theme: Anger Management.

The exhibition will open on August 31 for limited guest list and then for public from September 1 to 2. The event will exhibit several interactive installations that highlight the idea, story and design behind the ninth collection. 

The highlight of the exhibit is the Anger Room, where visitors can channel their anger by destroying the objects inside the room (with supervision, of course). Other installations and/or activities include a video installation by Raven Navaro as well as custom patch and stencil-making sessions for the visitors.

Founded in 2015, Public Culture is a Jakarta-based fashion label that is all about the youth culture. Follow them on Instagram for more info.