promoter in paradise | asia premiere

In conjunction with Balinale.

date Sep 25, 2019

date CInemaxx Jimbaran

An upcoming TV series, Promoter in Paradise, will have its Asian premiere at the 2019 Balinale or Bali’s International Film Festival.

The premiere of the series, whose trailer was shown at Globetrotter’s Asia Africa Film Festival in April, will be held on September 25, 2019 at 7.30pm at Cinemaxx Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia.


For more information, follow the official Instagram.

From the organizer:
Promoter in Paradise is a "fish out of water" hero's tale that follows a young woman finding her way in Bali's cutthroat, hedonistic event scene. But walking the tightrope between the indulgent "good times" of Bali's high-end tourism and the traditional, culturally unique sensibility of daily life is one hellova balancing act on the "Island of the Gods"!

Tuti's a village girl at heart and a little naïve to the glitz and glamour of Bali's party scene but this young woman has real grit and what she lacks in sophistication is more than made up for by sheer determination. As the daughter of an absent Javanese father and a single Balinese mother Tuti has yet to discover where she fits in culturally.

Promoter in Paradise was shot entirely on location in Bali with a crew and cast of fantastically talented Indonesian national and international filmmakers based on the Island of Gods.