post agnes | duong thuy duong's solo exhibition

This Vietnamese artist's solo exhibition is inspired by Milan Kundera.

date Jul 23 - 31, 2017

date Huong Ngo Gallery

Vietnamese artist Duong Thuy Duong is currently holding a solo exhibition at Huong Ngo Gallery in Hanoi. Entitled Post Agnes, the artworks displayed are inspired by Agnes, the protagonist in Milan Kundera's Immortality.

The exhibition will end on Monday, July 31.


Huong Ngo Gallery, 91 Ma May, Hanoi, Vietnam

11 AM - 7 PM; Free admission


From the gallery:

The show was inspired by Agnes - a protagonist in Immortality by Milan Kundera. In this novel, Agnes always tries to escape from the reality and desires a new world beyond this universe. Absorb herself in the imagination of Agnes, Duong Thuy Duong also wonders if there is a beginning of a new world? What’s behind the creation of this universe? Is the creation of the new world different from the shape of Mary and Jesus described in the New Testament? 

As a person who strongly believes in Lord, Duong Thuy Duong thinks people’s belief in a romantic, dreamy and wild world has been shaken. The fascinating and romantic stories in the Bible are misunderstood. Then, the question here is whether the belief is still necessary in the world of individualism and full of arrogance toward the great invisible things. 

Despite being loyal to the confusing-and-wild lines in the realistic space, she still surprises the audience when expressing herself through the colors of belief instead of the solitude, concern or experience. In 15 paintings, the two opposite forms such as “Light - Dark”, “Mother - Children”, “Creation - Destruction” are well handled, which attract the audience to a dark and obsessive space with the classical and romantic spirit. The exhibition POST AGNES has marked a milestone in Duong Thuy Duong’s career.