pinaree sanpitak to present her breast-stupas at jakarta biennale 2017

The famed Thai contemporary artist to bring her “breast+stupa cooking” to Indonesia for the first time. 

date Nov 10, 2017

date Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem

A lineup of local and international performance artists will be presenting their works at the Jakarta Biennale 2017, which runs from November 4 to December 10. One such artist is Pinaree Sanpitak of Thailand. Bangkok-based Sanpitak is well-known for addressing the issues of female body, womanhood, motherhood and femininity by using the breast-stupas. Sanpitak would invite artists from various fields, especially the culinary world, as well as the public to interact and taste many different kinds of foods presented in the forms of breast-stupas. 

For the Jakarta Biennale 2017, Sanpitak is working alongside a widely-known culinary activist in Indonesia, Rahung Nasution, together with chefs Jodie Adrianto and Jon Priadi from Max Havelaar SpiceLab. The event will take place from 6 PM to 8 PM (Jakarta time).

Through allusion to the female body and the shape of the stupa, this post-performance tendency will sensually reflect historical and cultural traces.