lord of the flys | hebru brantley exhibit

Chicago native and world-renowned artist Hebru Brantley to open his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong.

date Jan 11-20, 2018

date Avenue des Arts Hong Kong

Chicago native and world-renowned artist Hebru Brantley will be having his first solo exhibition, entitled Lord of the Flys, in Hong Kong! Opening on January 11, the exhibition will feature more than 30 works from the artist, including original canvases, sculptures, 1 print release (edition of 75) and exclusive merchandise.

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Defining himself as an Afro-futurist, Brantley draws from a range of influences, which include Keith Haring, African American history, hip-hop, anime, manga and the Afro Cobra movement in the 1960s and 70s. His comic book-style compositions address his own experiences of African American and urban life in America. In Lord of the Flys, Brantley speaks to the idea of how we engage the social expectations and demands that we place on ourselves.

For more information, visit the venue's website.